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History of RASP Men's League

  • In the 1960's and 1970's, St.Joachim was known for its fastpitch teams. A snowfence was installed at 240 feet and left in the ground all year. Lights were installed in 1964 and were only designed to light up the 240 feet of outfield.

  • By the late 1970's, lob-ball (no height limits) was played in the area before the traditional slow-pitch became popular.

  • It was in 1984 when the Rochester Adult Slo-Pitch Men's League was created. In its first year, the teams were selected by pulling names out of a hat and coaches had to umpire their own games.

  • Rochester was the name of the township before the amalgamation and creation of Lakeshore.

  • All games were played in St.Joachim and there were night games under the lights. Night games were played well into the 1990's until the new bat technology made it too dangerous. Outfielders were often getting hurt while trying to catch fly balls in the dark!

  • Once the league grew to 8 teams, the league started playing games at Stoney Park. A few years later it was decided to play in Belle River instead.

If you know any other interesting RASP facts, please post them in the forum! 

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